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9 Best Freelance Game Designers For Hire In 2022

Saturday, October 9th 2021.

This trend suggested that there will be more user-oriented monetizing via ads. 25% of iOS and 21% of Android apps downloaded are games globally. The answer to this will help you understand the candidate’s mindset. They should be able to tell you a feasible and actionable solution. The must-have skills are the core skills candidates need to perform their tasks successfully. These range from creativity and personality traits to technical skills that involve coding.

game developer for hire

Newzoo predicted that in 2020, the number of mobile gamers will shoot up at 2.6 billion of which 38% will pay for the games and the prediction stood true majorly. As per the reports, in 2020, the mobile gaming industry alone generated more annual revenue than the film and music industries combined. Let us have a quick look at some of the statistics and trends to understand what we can expect from gaming in 2021.

Click Save & Continueto add a gig description and photo to your portfolio. Once you’re happy with it, publish your gig so that buyers can find and hire you for work. Upgrade to get more characters designed or check out one of Bukayo’s other gigs – they offer maps and background design for games too. GenITeam Solutions helped develop a 2D/3D game in HTML5 to enhance an existing golf simulator experience.

So the extra money for the source code is worth every peny. Pushing the design, layout and analytics onto him means you are failing your business from the very beginning. Each employee must perform tasks within his or her area of expertise. Even if you find someone willing to take on this role alone, it’s not good.

This is a rare skill, and finding an affordable pixel art designer like Mt_dev can be challenging. For $25, you can purchase a basic tileset of up to 10 tiles with lighting. You can pay more for a larger tileset and details like texturing and shading, or even request a custom order – all delivered in under a week. Read on to find out who made my list, how you can hire an expert game designer using Fiverr, and how you can sell your own services too. These can vary depending on what type of professional you want, but I’ve learned through my years in recruitment that a CV is not the best indicator of a candidate’s talent. You need real proof of their work, especially if you’re going to be making a significant investment.

What Are Some Of The Html5 Framework Game Engines?

Especially if it is only one employee at first, Junior just can’t do it alone. It is very popular among game developers to offer to work for a share of 20-30% in the project. You can understand them – you won’t be satisfied with promises, a share in the distant future cannot motivate for a long time. Usually nobody can say exactly when a project will be profitable or whether it will be profitable at all. You can include how many screens, revisions, and icons/buttons you’ll include and decide on pricing for each package.

Gaming and specifically mobile game development is continuing to revolutionize the entire entertainment industry. Every year there is a significant rise in the number of people playing mobile games as they are looking forward to spending their time in some fun way that gaming provides. Covid-19 is playing a part in accelerating this upward trajectory. As a leading Mobile game development studio in India, we are also created various mobile games during covid-19.

game developer for hire

This is the stage where the core team brainstorms ideas for the game. These could be inspired by other games, movies, or even real-life events. If you have too many characters then designing them will take time and money. Fiverr offers an option to get back your money if you are not satisfied with the Job. This makes it risk free for the hiring company or individual. If none of the Gigs offered match your requirement then you can also request a custom Gig from a freelancer.

Supply Chain’s Are Broken! Denial Will Kill Your Company!

Finally, make sure you provide clear instructions and feedback throughout the development process. By following these tips, you can be sure to find the right developer for your project and end up with a great game. I created a practical guide with everything you need to know about hiring game developers, from the costs to finding and hiring them. Lexlyan is an expert at high-quality, small-scale game featuresDetails like buttons, icons, and dialog boxes can’t be overlooked. Fortunately, Lexlyan has a basic package to design one UI element for just $5. If you pay an extra $15, you can hire them to create all the small features for your game, including a loading bar and checkbox.

  • Use the navigation buttons to edit your profileOnce you’ve customized your profile, click the Create a New Gigbutton to create your first gig.
  • The main advantage of this method is the client support programme.
  • Mt_dev designs pixel-style backgrounds for 2D gamesMt_dev designs pixel art tilesets for 2D mobile and PC game backgrounds.
  • For larger and more complex games, you’ll likely need to hire an experienced team that could charge by the project or by the hour.
  • Globalization has opened up the horizons for everybody and now more and more people are entering the gaming segment.

They have experience with both realistic and cartoonish art, so you can choose which style matches the look and feel of your product. Trusting an artist to design graphics for your game is a big step in the development process. You need a talented professional who can create visually appealing work but without a hefty price tag. There’s nothing more frustrating than spending your time and money on hiring someone only to have a final product that doesn’t meet your expectations. No matter what type of game you’re looking to create, there are a few key things to keep in mind when hiring a mobile game developer. It’s also important to get a detailed quote and understand the development process.

Similarly, in Asian countries, the average salary of game developers ranges from $70,000 to $85,000 per year. If you are hiring a game developers for making game assets along with the game then make sure he/she has the required skill set or they might just hire another freelancer to do the job. So how do you make sure that someone is the right fit for your project? When there are thousands of options to choose from, you need to make sure you’re hiring the right person. They have a package option for correcting simple design errors, or if you need your entire game created from scratch, they offer a higher-tier package with nine pages of graphics.

What To Look For In A Freelance Game Designer

But you don’t feel as fulfilled as your friends in North America. We keep your data private and share your data only with third parties that make this service possible. Upwork has a refund policy but the freelancer decides on how much refund you will get.

The most impressive aspect was the timely, accessible, and dependable communication I received. All my suggestions, questions, and issues were uniformly addressed in a timely and professional manner. These reviews are by, a leading platform that conducts independent, in-depth interviews of clients of tech services companies.


You might think this is unnecessary, but imagine if you had a game developer who yawns at your game’s idea and is always making excuses to skip the “storytelling” bit. You don’t want someone disinterested in the product itself. Source code is required if you want to make changes to your game in the future. Not all developers give source code with the end delivery. The process of hiring a freelancer on goes like this. You submit your complete project details and freelancers will submit their bid for your job.

Game Developer Interview Questions

It’s better to go with a developer who uses Unity or Unreal as they are the industry standard game engines and you will be able to find more developers if you want to make some changes to the game. If you have a game engine in mind, then better go with a developer specialized in that engine. I prefer going with Unity developers as I am more comfortable with Unity than Unreal. How to find a game development team from a recruitment agency. Perhaps the most time-efficient option is to contact a recruitment agency. The main advantage of this method is the client support programme.

How To Hire A Game Developer In 2022 Fast And Secure?

The demo game was an integral part of soliciting funding from investors. GenITeam Solutions effectively achieved a solution that exceeded stakeholders’ expectations. Their responsive, professional communication style was a strength throughout the process. The company should be efficient enough to complete and deliver projects on time. In order for people to know about the game, it must be marketed. This can be done through online ads, social media, or even word of mouth.

Use the buttons on the right to explore pricing optionsIf you’d like to ask the freelancer about a service they offer or a custom quote, click the Contact Sellerbutton. Note that you’ll need to sign up for an account to send a private message. Whenever I’m looking to hire a freelancer, I use Fiverr – a popular marketplace that features creatives across a variety of industries. If pixel art is something you’re interested in, I’ve also found the nine best pixel artists for hire on Fiverr. Professional and responsive, GenITeam Solutions produces quality work on time.

Does the game developer have enough experience in what you want to create? You need to check the versatility and the specific expertise of the game developer. Unity and Unreal are the most used game engines in indie game development.

You don’t need to look for cheerleaders who will jump in joy at your “Skyrim” idea. But you’re better off hiring game developers who have some passion and excitement for what they’re creating than hiring someone who cringes while testing the game when it’s all done. That’s one part of it, but what makes it take off is the execution. And this is why hiring game developers becomes a challenging task for most. The cost to hire game developers can vary depending on the genre you select. Hire Sanart285 for console, mobile, and PC game designsSanart285 is an experienced, multilingual designer in both UI and UX for all types of games.

Video Game Developer Responsibilities:

Remote work environments can change your game for the better, literally and that’s why DistantJob is here to help you find the best game developer talent at affordable rates. In game developer for hire the U.S, the average salary of a game developer ranges from $101,644 per year to $117,564 per year . It’s always a huge plus if the game developer is also well-versed with XR.

With this growth, the demand for video gaming professionals also increases. And it becomes a challenge for businesses to hire a game developer as there’s a lot of competition. Many Game developers are just programmers good with game engines. So, they would take the game assets from you and make a game.

The cost of hiring mobile game developers can vary depending on the size and scope of your project. For small and simple games, you might be able to find a freelancer or small development studio that charges hourly rates. For larger and more complex games, you’ll likely need to hire an experienced team that could charge by the project or by the hour. Each has their own style and niche, with packages that suit a range of budgets, time constraints, and project requirements. With these experts, you won’t have to sacrifice quality for price. You can hire game developers for a part of work rather than a full game development.

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