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Helicopter idolizes this new create getting his raw fighting power which is awed from the Sanji’s consuming anger

Wednesday, September 7th 2022.

Helicopter idolizes this new create getting his raw fighting power which is awed from the Sanji’s consuming anger


Sanji to start with wished to prepare Chopper (also Luffy exactly who wished to consume him raw) and jokingly desires your to join because the “disaster restaurants have” from the Drum Area Arc but Sanji and listened which have Nami in order to Chopper’s early in the day, studying one to humans assaulted him having looking like a beast therefore whenever Helicopter asked Sanji just what Luffy “was” Sanji replied with a grin: “He or she is a beast” proving your doctor that becoming various other did not suggest you did not be acknowledged. On the show, Sanji will continue to refer to him due to the fact “the new emergency restaurants have” so you’re able to tease your, however, highly takes into account Helicopter a buddy actually due him being the new youngest, Sanji cares to possess him extremely of all of the boys to the panel the newest staff. Chopper can sometimes cover-up behind Sanji’s toes when Nami’s frustrated otherwise there can be an adversary nearby, ultimately causing Sanji patting Chopper’s lead inside the calming means and you may Helicopter will often go for a ride to your cook’s arms. Sanji keeps taught Chopper many training such as whenever Robin is making this new staff Sanji told the doctor one to a real son forgives a good female’s lies.

Following the big date disregard, the pair however get along although Chopper try one of many basic visitors to discover just how lifetime-threatening Sanji’s nosebleeds were, even asking the fresh seafood-men to possess bloodstream donations. Helicopter cried that have delight when Sanji spared him or her regarding Doflamingo, is extremely searching for Sanji’s arranged matrimony so you’re able to Pudding, and you may entirely distri) more than Sanji leaving the fresh new staff, even screaming at Zoro when the swordsman ridiculed Sanji.

Helicopter try so anxious to see Sanji once again he mistook Sanji’s harmful brother Vinsmoke Yonji having Sanji when he first spotted your. Including the other countries in the staff, Helicopter is surprised when Sanji turned-down Pudding.

Nico Robin

The guy offers a flavor to possess training having Robin who titled him “Doctor-san” when she first suits the fresh staff, and that generated him dancing inside the pleasure. However they seem to have a real sense of admiration to own both, perhaps through its activities during the education; ironically, he had been originally instead threatened out of Robin upon studying one she focuses primarily on assassinations, fearing that she will eventually assassinate your immediately after their guard might have been upset, however, meanwhile, is actually entertained whenever she first displayed the woman Demon Fruit energies so you can host both your and you can Luffy, and eventually exposed to the lady. His affection with the Robin is really what required Helicopter to use their Beast Area Mode up against Kumadori while in the their competition on the Judiciary Tower. In return, she snacks Chopper besides the same with regards to intellect and with good motherly character given that she got your away of your handbags of Foxy’s proper-hand lady.


Even in the event the guy hated Franky at first once they theoretically came across at the Enies Lobby, blaming your because need Usopp kept new staff and for beating-up brand new sniper (unaware their brand new friend Sogeking is actually Usopp) and additionally stealing its benefits. When Helicopter was fighting Kumadori he found Franky as well as fighting CP9 representative Fukurou, the latest Cyborg questioned one to Helicopter place him specific cola, Helicopter was reluctant to do so however, threw Franky certain bottles anyhow. Chopper watched inside amazement because Cyborg’s hairstyle and you can thinking altered up to Franky yelled from the him to end messing up to when he saw you to Helicopter are watching viewing him change with each take in claiming, “He is the new funniest material actually ever”. Whenever Chopper proceeded a rampage in the Monster Area, Franky 1st ideal killing your but from the Nami’s solid urging the guy altered their choice. Franky as an alternative banged Chopper to the sea in order to deactivate his efforts and you will easily dived with the water to store your prior to he drowned. Following the disagreement, it seems people constant animosity Chopper possessed with the Franky has ended when he was okay in the letting your be a member of the brand new staff.

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