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Joining Shields of your Empress [ ]

Sunday, September 18th 2022.

Joining Shields of your Empress [ ]

Competition out-of Dorin [ ]

Kol, alongside Aria, battled along with her in proportions inside Competition of Dorin, crippling new Separatists ships, and you will damaging the blockade so you’re able to provide the Republic an excellent opportunity to get down into world and you will free it regarding Separatists handle. Both ruling the troops was indeed effective, actually fighting on earth near to Jedi Learn Plo Koon just who was able to save yourself the entire world out-of Nute Gunray.

Will ultimately after the Competition out-of Dorin, Kol and his awesome brother visited Taris once both spotted good vision out-of a not known female profile who was simply these are Kerz-Tak , who had been their Sith predecessor, and you may first member of their loved ones. Instantly telling brand new Jedi Council, both brothers was in fact permitted to visit Taris, however, questioned to not have a duplicate trooper escort, whilst perform put them at risk, and that they don’t need certainly to exposure the existence. Afterwards, the 2 brothers flew the motorboat so you’re able to Taris and arrived from inside the the city, where these were amazed that these were expected by the ruler. Once they exited its motorboat, Kol and you will Clay were welcomed of the a female voice, who was called Deborrah. Kol lead himself because the very performed Clay, where each other accepted her instantly, as they had seen the lady once they was indeed children. Immediately following with an initial meeting, Deborrah expected the 2 once they you certainly will signup the woman alliance, the one that she created using the antcestor Kerz-Tak, in which one another conformed and you can reported that they certainly were usually aside out-of it, therefore would in the near future go back for now that they had team to help you deal with. Glad abreast of the term, Deborrah gave the two an effective departing current which had been a good neckalace one to she produced, which the a couple of would wear from the remaining portion of the Duplicate Battles, but unknown to them it would cover him or her off any possibilities, together with the troopers. The 2 leftover Taris and you can vowed again to go back whenever the time emerged.

Goal so you can Carlac [ ]

Just after joining Guards of the Empress, Kol is actually delivered on the a mission of the Jedi Council so you can the new wintery realm of Carlac. Contained in this goal, Kol do run into the brand new Death-watch class for the first time previously, exactly who however easily dislike. Immediately after landing towards the Carlac, the one thing he may select are tobacco cigarette, originating from house that were burnt towards surface from the hands of many Death-watch mercenaries. For the purpose Kol led troopers during the raiding the fresh new villages in the ordert to help you totally free the fresh new Ming Po. Not much info is recognized about this goal on account of it getting therefore wonders, but it’s sure if Kol assisted during the liberating the brand new villages, while he try concealed once the a death See soldier.

Death of a guide [ ]

“Adi Galla try a great Jedi Learn and you may pal. Unfortunate to believe it simply happened, however, she is today you to definitely to the Push”. -Kol highlighting on the Adi Galla’s demise

A bit after Carlac, Obi-Wan and you can Adi-Galla have been sent to your am ission, in order to prevent the brothers Maul and you will Savage, However only Obi-Wan lasted regarding the a few Jedi. Adi’s passing saddened Kol because she is an excellent buddy to your, thus and additionally a teacher, into the quantity out-of enjoying her because the an older sibling. Although not Kol didn’t mourn, because of it is actually just how of your Sith, so you’re able to eliminate the a. Not vowing revenge Kol know that Adi are now at rest and therefore this lady valor and prize create often be appreciated.

2nd Battle regarding Naboo [ ]

Kol took part in the fight from the protecting the newest captial town of Theed of droid pushes, on the 152nd Lehion and you may 43rd Battalion. Kol including safe Oueen Neeyutee out of Naboo off numerous Sniper droidekas and commando droids. Kol is actually ultimately profitable in conquering new droid army towards world, however, was then considering several other objective after the find it hard to get a hold of Aria, whom presumably went shed through the her conflict with other droid armed forces in the world.

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